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ALL OF THE OZ aren’t actually an OZ

Wrote a review


CheapDabs Vancouver Weed Delivery S...

ALL OF THE OZ aren’t actually an

They are ripping you off weigh what you get it’s ALWAYS at least 4-5 grams less Continue Reading

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Subpar buds and a general waste of money all of their extracts don’t even get Continue Reading

Wrote a review


CheapDabs Vancouver Weed Delivery S...

Shitty site shitty weed shitty staf

Just don’t waste you money their stuff is cheap for a reason Continue Reading


Wrote a review


Dr.Baked Victoria Cannabis Delivery

Drbaked.org Best Weed Delivery!

First time to try them, got my discount + Gifts + Lotto entry + amazing customer Continue Reading


Wrote a review


CheapDabs Vancouver Weed Delivery S...

whats the new site called?

was about to order and the website disappeared ?????? Continue Reading

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Cannabis Dispensary Vancouver

Cannabis Dispensary Vancouver: Weed Medical Shops

Travelers passing through several of Canada’s most urbanized areas might be an excuse for thinking cannabis is allowed. Over recent …

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Medical Weed Dispensary

Top Reasons To Buy Directly From A Medical Weed Dispensary Instead Of A Dealer

Let’s be honest. Even though medical marijuana is now legal in some parts of America, the illegal market for marijuana …

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Cannabis Health Canada Regulations

Cannabis Health Canada Regulations: What Is It All About?

Cannabis is one of the most widely used drugs in Canada, with almost half of all Canadians, have used it …

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